SOLA Gracia Church

Julio & Rosalyn

Since the moment we came to Mexico, we began a search for a congregation that was committed to the gospel and whose teaching and doctrine was also profound. Through a family contact in Idaho, we were able to get to know the church SOLA Gracia. A community that in the past years started as a family Bible study, as time passed, other families joined, and for 8 years they learned together from God. Some time ago, the families decided to open this Bible study more as an official church, and that’s how SOLA Gracia was born.

They have around 30 children, most of whom are homeschooled. And the church has around 30–40 adults. A couple of months ago, they were able to select their first two church elders, and they are currently learning more about the Lord to select their deacons and other church servants.

Rosalyn and I, from the first moment we attended the service, noticed the nature of the relationship with the church, it was natural and full of joy. The first day, we went to eat with other families from the church after the service, and since then our relationship with the church has grown a lot. Their pastor (Eder) is very intentional about connecting with us, asking how we are, connecting us with other families from the church, and he and his family have been a great blessing to us in every aspect.

I would like to take this opportunity to present to you some needs that the church has:

  • Pastor Eder is not full time in his role as a pastor, as the church’s finances are insufficient to even cover a pastor’s salary.
  • They do not have the support of a denomination because they are a new church. (They work together with other churches but do not belong to a denomination.)
  • They do not have a stable place to hold church gatherings, and the current location, which is borrowed, lacks infrastructure. (If it rains, the service cannot continue because the roof is open.)
  • They do not have enough offerings to carry out other church activities or support other families within the church.
  • The church has a bookstore that generates some income for the church, but at the same time, it is not enough to cover all the needs.


Please, if you can support this church in any way, get in touch with us so that we can provide your support. If you want to know more about the church, we can schedule an online call in which you can learn about the mission of this church and be part of what God is doing there.

This is their Facebook page:

A message from the pastor:

My name is Eder Pérez Neri, Elder of the Sola Gracia Church, located in the city of Puebla, Mexico, which started 8 years ago with a family, and during 7 years some families have integrated. During that time, we have been meeting in houses, currently we have more than 30 children (newborns up to 14 years old), most of them are homeschooled. Our vision is to be a church where families love Christ and embrace doctrine as a real and sincere way of life. A year ago, we decided to leave houses and rent a space that would be useful for us. However, more families have come to the church, and now that space is no longer useful for us, as it only has one bathroom, the roof has leaks (we practically flood when it rains), and we do not have adequate electrical installations.

Currently, we have five men studying at the Seminary, with the purpose of preparing them so that they can teach in the church in the future. The offering in the church is $400 (monthly), and to rent a property for our needs, we should raise $1000 (monthly) just for rent. Also, we need to acquire chairs, tables, etc.

Our desire is to raise money to acquire our own property and build according to the needs of the church.

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