Rosalyn and I (Ministry, Church, Digital Team)

Julio & Rosalyn

It has been a long time since I sent my last update about what we have been doing. From June to this date, God has blessed us with various activities and things to share, which is why our prayer letter is divided into several sections.

First, our team has grown incredibly. Through a global project by Cru, three interns joined our team for a year, helping to alleviate the team’s workload.

Together, we have been able to respond to over 300 requests from people curious about the gospel, many of them seeking someone to listen to them. We have created more content that ranks among the top searches on the internet about (Tools for Your Church, Digital Evangelism). We have been able to train a local church in Mexico for several weeks on digital resources for their church. Together, we have been able to glorify God with the work of our hands.

It has been two years since we came to Mexico. The city where we live (Puebla) has welcomed us incredibly. We now know our way around the city, are familiar with the basic services, and have become frequent customers of a few stores. We even know where the potholes are on the road when we drive.

Recently, we moved apartments. We loved the place where we were; we had great neighbors, the security we sought, and could walk to all the necessary stores. Previously, we were in a very university-centric area, so family rentals were not as common; it was more for students or childless couples. Since we found out we were pregnant, we knew we needed to move and needed more space.

To make a long story short, a neighbor of our friends Becca and Ariana needed to move to Germany for a year and was considering renting his house during that time. The dates of our previous lease and his trip coincided. It was a good price, as the lease is for a year, but at the same time, it is so ideal for us that we decided to take it. It is more expensive than our previous apartment, but we have more space and the freedom to host more people in our home.

But why so ideal? And why only for a year?

As you may know, we had a marriage visa in process since September 2022. According to the system, it could take up to 42 months, but thankfully, it only took 13 months. Every week we were checking the status, and each time it said, ‘It’s going to take longer than we expected.’ One week after the one-year mark, the system said, ’10 more months.’ We were very frustrated because five months earlier, it said one month. So it was an emotional rollercoaster between ‘OK’ and ‘OK, YAY!’ But we literally stopped checking the system, and one day, that beautiful notification arrived, saying, ‘Your application has been approved.’ This news came during our move between apartments and right before our trip to Albania (that’s another part of this update). We are currently in the process of gathering documents and waiting for the NVC to schedule our interview.

With our local church (Sola Gracia), we have been figuring out how else we can help them. It is a very good church that we found through a family contact, it is super friendly, and its teaching doctrine is incredible, and the praise is beautiful. Together, every week we sing the Psalms and participate in the Lord’s Supper. So this is another part of the prayer letter. You can read more about our church here: Sola Gracia Church.

Continuing with the visa issue: Thank God it was approved, so we need to work on some documents and then go for an interview at the embassy in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This may take 4-5 months to happen. After that, I would be given 6 months to leave Mexico and travel to the USA to receive my Green card, so we will probably have to move next year.

My conversations with some of the Cru Mexico team are starting, so let’s hope everything goes well in the moving process, but also not neglect the responsibilities I have with the local team.

Being new parents, visa in process, transitioning my team—several things happening in a short period of time. So we ask that you pray for the following:

  1. The visa is approved in its entirety, no more waiting.
  2. The delivery goes well, without complications, and that God gives Rosalyn strength.
  3. Our baby is healthy, and that God gives us wisdom to guide her on her path.
  4. Transition of the team is smooth, that I can finish all the responsibilities I have.
  5. Financial support, with a baby, finances need to increase, but at the same time, a move also requires investment, so pray that God provides what we need.


Thank you for reading our update, I remind you that this letter is just one part of other things that have happened, so I recommend you visit these other updates.

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