Merry Christmas 2023

Julio & Rosalyn

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
Mt. 1:52

It’s interesting that every December 25th is a global event, the birth of Jesus. And something even more interesting is that before his death, he gave us a sacred event, which is the Holy Communion that we celebrate every Sunday. And even better, by having him in our lives, he has given us the privilege to celebrate his death and resurrection every day. By grace, we are saved.

In this update, I really want to focus on thanking God for all the blessings and opportunities he has given us. He has blessed us and provided us with more than we can imagine.

We want to thank Jesus for:

  • The opportunity to be parents for the first time; we are currently in the 39th week of pregnancy, so we are looking forward to meeting our daughter soon.
  • Living in Mexico. Years ago, we never thought of living in Mexico, but God gave us the opportunity to live here. He has provided us with a home, friendships, a social life, a church, a gym; even in the stores, they give us our Christmas and New Year gifts for being frequent customers. God has given us a space to serve him here in Mexico.
  • Ministry: Our work has been developing every day. We have had the opportunity to train the local churches, listen to people seeking answers to the gospel through the internet, share the gospel in the opportunities we have, and thankfully, our prayers for new people on the team have been answered.
  • Church: Since we started living in Mexico, we were looking for a church. The wait was long, but for over 6 months now, we have been part of SOLA GRACIA church, a small intentional church focused on developing church leaders. A church that, even without knowing us, has treated us like lifelong brothers. Thank God for them.
  • For those who financially support our ministry every month. Thank you for being part of what God is doing here in Mexico.
  • For our family, because every day they are a blessing to us, even if they are far away.
  • For our visa process. For many years, we have been waiting to reach this point, and thanks to God, we have seen significant progress in recent months.
  • For the travel opportunities we had this year, even unplanned, God blessed us with beautiful experiences in different places.


Merry Christmas to all, may the peace of the Lord fill your homes. And may Jesus be the center of these festivities.

Julio & Rosalyn

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