Baby Girl Coming in December

Julio & Rosalyn

As you may know, a couple of months ago we announced our pregnancy, and we were excited to find out that we are having a girl. Since we learned about her, we have been thinking about the names, what we need to buy, doulas, hospitals, and doctors, as well as the complications of having a baby in Mexico as foreigners.

We are very excited to meet our daughter. The due date is at the end of December and the most recent tests say that everything is fine. Rosalyn is very healthy, the baby is very healthy, and we hope that the delivery will be good and without complications.

Something interesting that happens between the culture of Latin America and North America is that names can be misinterpreted or what sounds good in one language does not sound good in another, so it is something we have been talking about for months. Latin names usually have 2 or more surnames, so we are trying to make sure that our daughter’s name combines with our American and Latino surnames.

How can you pray for us?
Pray for wisdom so that we can guide our daughter and our future children to please God.
Pray that cultural differences do not make our daughter feel like she doesn’t have a place (For missionary children, this is something that many cases struggle with).
Please pray that the delivery is not complicated and that our doctor and her team act wisely and respect the nature of childbirth (without pushing unnecessary things).
Finances? Thank God in Mexico, it is cheaper to have a baby compared to the USA, but even so, the budget that the doctor and the hospital mention to us is: $5000-$6000. If you would like to support us through this process, please do not hesitate to go to our donation page on our website to find ways you can support us.

Would you like to guide us with some book references that we should read?
Please email us:

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